Tartine, Haight-Ashbury, and Exploration

May 25, 2015


Memorial Day was our unscripted day of adventure. Our group split up to explore different things around the city, so Darcy, Peder and I decided to visit the popular Tartine bakery a few BART stops away.


The line was ridiculously long and spanned an entire half of the block. This was annoying but very promising. Darcy and Peder picked up some coffee while I held our spot in line, and about 30 minutes later we picked out our treats. 


It was one of the most delicious things I had ever purchased. I bought a banana-creme tarte with chocolate shavings and ate the whole thing within an hour. It was large enough to share and certainly large enough to save some for later, but... I couldn't. I ate the whole thing and I ate it way too fast. The bakery was a great decision.












After the bakery we took Uber to Haight-Ashbury and found it very hard not to go into every single shop we saw.


The buildings were painted in eye-catching colors and psychedelic designs. We saw some incredibly intricate graffiti on every bare wall, including the crazy dog below. 






Every shop on Haight had something interesting to offer. There were stores completely draped in T-shirts, apothecaries with weird healing spices, dozens of head shops, designer shops equipt with only a few items of clothing, steampunk shops, book shops, themed cafes, record stores, high-end corner shops, thrift shops, museums, novelty shops, and a store that only sold specialty socks.


Simple as we are, we picked up some books and socks and made our way to Golden Gate Park.












Golden Gate Park was a ton of fun. It was far too big to explore the whole thing in one day, but we were able to see so many different types of people and beautiful plants in the little section we walked through. We hiked around the trails and took some photographs of each other climbing trees and smelling flowers, stopping every 10 feet to capture another image.


We stopped at an organic Mexican restaurant that served fried chicpeas that were far spicier than I could handle. Darcy ordered a strawberry lemonade that was so good that it nearly brought her to tears.


We walked to the Painted Ladies and were disappointed to discover that the actual Full House home was nowhere near them.


We rode back through Chinatown to pick up some more Hi-Chew candy, bought a few small trinkets, and mosied through downtown back to our hostel.


There are so many cool things to stumble upon in San Francisco, and I'm both disappointed and excited by the fact that we only found a few of them.

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Welcome to my photoblog site for my recent class trip to San Francisco. 

May 20, 2015

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