Arcade Fun and Dog Pizza

May 24, 2015


On Sunday we took the BART out to a fun local arcade where we paid $5 to play as many games as we could in an hour. I spent most of my time at Galaga and Tetris because I'm not very good at video games, It was a narrow hallway of an arcade with a few dozen classics lining the walls. There were kids and adults playing side by side celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend.


We took to the streets and spent a very long time sifting through toy stores and book shops, scouting out a nice place to get dinner. 


We found this adorable pizza shop and decided to eat here based on the sign outside. The little dog face enticed us, and we needed to know more. It wasn't until we went inside that we learned how amazing this restaurant really was.


An entire wall was covered in painted dogs from decades of pop culture. They included the classics like Snoopy and Clifford, but had dogs like the pug from Men In Black and the dogs from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I was in heaven. There isn't a better pet than a dog, and there is no better food than pizza, and picking out all of the references and finding the fun surprises like Dog the Bounty Hunter completely made my day.


The pizza was pretty good, too.





We finished our excursion with local ice cream and headed back downtown. I met up with some friends visiting San Francisco for a bit and got food at a quirky eaterie, and arrived very late back at the hostel. I sat in the hall and chatted with a classmate for a couple hours before we retired into the night.




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Welcome to my photoblog site for my recent class trip to San Francisco. 

May 20, 2015

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