Glu, Disney, Walking, and The Golden Gate Bridge

May 22, 2015

We began our third day at Glu Mobile where we were given a tour of their incredibly cool studio. We talked with an employee about our individual personal studies and futures in the industry, and were given tons of advice about our portfolios and what to look for as jobs in the industry. 


I saw a group of some crazy industrial sculptures outside the studio, and I also got to meet Kim Kardashian['s cartoon cutout from the mobile game]. 



Then we took Uber to the Walt Disney family museum. We got to see a ton of original sketches and designs for Disney films very early on in their development. It also had historical exhibits about the various animator strikes and the financial side of the empire, narrating the very start of the company. The museum had exhibits on Walt Disney's life growing up, his years as a young filmmaker, and many videos of Disney as the powerful cultural force he was during his peak. 


This wall contained hundred of stills from Steamboat Willy.


I looked like a crazy person taking photos of this beautiful monitor display wall/seating area. My back was turned to the main exhibit, but I had never seen anything like this in real life before. Design is such a broad and amazing field.














From the museum we walked over to Lucasfilm where we explored the campus and looked through the iconic articles in the main lobby. There were lots of figurines, statues, and commemorative trinkets.


We saw goslings, They were adorable.
















We walked to the massive Palace of Fine Arts and explored an airplane hanger filled with tech gadgets and futuristic artwork. After an hour we regrouped and started our trek toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was another busy day full of hiking and cultural exploration, and by the time we got back to our hostel after dinner our group was beat. We hung out, looked through our photos from the day at the bridge, and relaxed as much as we could before our next day in San Francisco.



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Welcome to my photoblog site for my recent class trip to San Francisco. 

May 20, 2015

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