Downtown, Cartoons, Old Capital Hall, and the Asian Art Museum

May 21, 2015

 On Thursday we began our day with a walk around downtown San Francisco. We explored a park, checked out the skyline, and took in all of the incredible things in the radius of only a few blocks. Our studio tour was at Meez where we talked mobile gaming and the future of the industry. We went into the mall, up several escalators, and played with some clever advertising and fun tech gadgets.


































As a 3D Design Candidate, some sculptures, spaces, buildings, and pieces of decorative and functional furniture caught my eye more than anything else. You just don't see this kind of art incorporated into public spaces in Iowa City, and it was extremely refreshing to see San Francisco embrace that artistic culture. I saw some incredible planters and parks, and I got to sit in some famous chairs.




 We interacted with a remote-controlled webcam and chatted with the woman operating it in Hawaii, and we played with a motion-controlled animated screen.

 Then we headed to the Cartoon Art Museum where we were given a tour of carefully curated exhibits.

We saw a lot of examples of the beginning stages of animation like storyboarding, color charts, character design, and many others. We also took a look at old comic legends and learned about the comic Savage Dragon though the author's personally curated exhibit. We had an amazing tour guide who did coloring work for Peanuts, and were able to have all of our random questions about the industry answered.














We got lunch at Super Duper Burger where I had one of the most delicious hamburgers I've ever tasted. Then we mosied downtown and made our way to the Old Capitol Buidling where we crashed a wedding and took some fun pictures with the ceiling. 













Downtown San Francisco isn't the cleanest, friendliest, most welcoming place on the planet, but it was an incredible place to explore. We saw a ton of beautiful graffiti, interesting fountains, and an amazing mix of historic and modern architecture.















We spent a couple hours at the Asian Art Museum where we saw incredible paintings, pottery, sculptures, relics, reliefs, and other fun pieces of art. I had to wear my backpack on the front of my body so that I wouldn't accidentally bump into any pieces. I took way too many photos of all the cool stuff that we saw, but I wanted to include these incredibly strange and intricate puppets in the blog. The character design was very eye-catching, and all the animators found themselves drawn to these creatures of ancient entertainment.


After the museum we had dinner at a traditional Laos restaurant where we dined with children's book author and illustrator Nor Sanavongsay. He talked to us about his Kickstarted campaign and how he got into the industry. 


We also ate grasshoppers and doodled. 



Our second day was packed full of tours, food, and exploration, but we also had time to get to know one another. At our hostel some of us played games and chatted late into the evening. Wewere beginning to really love our strange group of awesome, artistic geeks. 


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Welcome to my photoblog site for my recent class trip to San Francisco. 

May 20, 2015

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