Starck Ghost Chair and Interior Space

For this project I was randomly assigned to model the Louis Ghost Chair designed by Philippe Starck. The transparent, sleek design of the chair is easily encorporated into a variety of settings. I modeled and placed two Louis Ghost Chairs into a studio apartment based on the dimensions and floor plan of my living room and kitchen. I used pops of color and a mix of warm and cool materials to establish a modern style of interior design inspired by the work of Philippe Starck. 

University of Iowa Underground Art Tunnel

For this project I was given a theoretical 200' tunnel connecting Art Building West at the University of Iowa to the new art building across the street. I used elements found in both buildings designed by Steven Holl to create a smooth transition between the different architecture.


The rust red steel beams of Art Building West form a spiraling series of frames that encompass the bridge-like walkway. The segmented and frosted lights are inspired by the existing lights in Art Building West, and the concrete stuctures are taken from the future art building.



The tunnel is 200' long, 20' wide, and 15' tall.



Here I've included an animation with the perspective view of going through the tunnel.

Flipd Salt and Pepper Shakers

For this project I needed to design and 3D print prototypes of a set of functioning salt and pepper shakers that represented the opposite of each other. My concept involved a top-heavy geometric shape for the salt shaker, and a convex, smooth, reflective vessel for the pepper. The surface of the pepper shaker flips the image of the bright red salt shaker upside down, essentially bringing out its opposite form. 


The salt shaker stands at 4" tall.

Packd Table

For my last project, I was tasked with improving and branding a product. I decided to design an economical, portable, customizable, and elegant table. My brand, Packd, leaves room for many variations of tables and future pieces of furniture that conveniently fold up, store, ship, and customize. 


The feaured tables are made with a single slab of wood with inlaid slots that sit directly on the leg frames. The two steel leg frames are each hinged with three camoflauged hinges, allowing them to fold up tight against each other in the box. There are also table extensions that bring the table up to bar-height and create storage spaces. 



The first table sits 30" high

Its surface measures 6'x2'


The bar table sits 40" high

Its surface measures 7'6"x3'6"



Here I've included an animation of the Packd table folding into its box.