I am looking for my

   next incredible team.

In my work there are many references to breaking waves and tumbling 

rocks, frozen in time just before the waves retreat into the ocean and the rocks crash to the ground. I try to capture the dynamic range of motion

that develops in the design process by pushing shapes and colors to their extremes and choosing the moments that complement one other.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Iowa with a BFA in Three-Dimensional Design. During my time in undergrad I had the privilege of showing work with the UI 3D Design Program at SOFA:CONNECT in Chicago, IL; Ventura Future in Milan, Italy; and at ICFF in New York City. Alongside my studies I have worked as the graphic designer at the Englert Civic Theatre designing everything from posters to festival maps.


I am currently searching for my next design team. I am hoping to work with an open-minded and tight-knit team that is excited to elevate design through passionate critique and discussion.

-Bree Glenn